Heritage Farms

A Public Outreach Initiative of
the Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse

The future of the Desert Arabian horse depends on you. Your participation in the HERITAGE FARMS outreach makes a valuable contribution to the conservation of the proud history and genetic integrity of the authentic horse of the desert in the years to come.

Many people have never seen an Arabian horse. Others think that Arabians are too expensive….or too excitable…to consider owning. BUT a first-time experience that is pleasurable and friendly is often the beginning of a long-term relationship with these unique horses.

You can make that possible by sharing your knowledge of the history of the Desert Arabian horse, its important place in all breeds of horses, its talents as an athlete…and its gentle but spirited disposition… with interested visitors of all ages and equine backgrounds.

JOIN a passionate group of breeders and owners who are on the frontlines promoting the breed and its history while sharing the experience of ownership with others. As a recognized HERITAGE FARM, you’ll have the opportunity to share your knowledge and love for the Desert Arabian with newcomers.

APPLY to become a recognized HERITAGE FARM. The only cost, other than your time, is an initial tax-deductible donation of $75 (US farms) to cover the cost of the durable/outdoor Heritage Farm sign, initial printed materials and postage. For farms outside the US, the donation is $100 to cover the additional postage. Ongoing participation requires that you maintain active, annual support of the Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse.

RECEIVE a sign and certificate you can use to identify your farm as a recognized HERITAGE FARM. You and your Desert Arabian horses will become ambassadors for the breed.

You’ll have the opportunity to offer newcomers a unique experience and introduce them to the history and tradition of the Desert Arabian and to the joys of Arabian horse ownership.

The Institute will assist you in this effort by promoting the HERITAGE FARM outreach on the Institute website, in print publications as well as in newsletters, announcements and e-mail communications. Anyone who contacts the Institute regarding a visit to a HERITAGE FARM will be provided with needed contact information. You will be contacted directly by interested visitors. You can set up a visit.

The Institute also provides access to promotional and informational materials for you to have available when individuals, families and other groups visit your farm.

“What a grand day! The owners were extremely gracious with their time and information. This couldn’t have been a better introduction to these special Arabians…”
Linda Pittz, Illinois

“We had never seen horses like these before!  The kids were thrilled, and I gained a new appreciation for Arabians – certainly more than I ever expected…”
Peter Coffeen, Iowa

To participate in this rewarding opportunity to maintain the heritage of the Desert Arabian horse, please click here to access the HERITAGE FARM application form .