Arabian Equine Genetic Inventory System (AEGIS)

Procedures for Donation of Frozen Semen to the

Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse

Adopted, August 7, 2005

At the present time, The Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse (hereafter, the Institute) can accept for its genetic archive only frozen semen that will be maintained by the owner.

  1. A minimum of three breeding doses of frozen semen accompanied by one foal certificate is required for participation in the project. The Institute recommends the donation of one foal certificate for each additional gift of three breeding doses of semen.
  2. The owner grants to the Institute all distributive rights, whether for research or for breeding purposes, according to the following conditions:
    1. An Advisory Board consisting of no fewer than three members shall consider and evaluate written proposals for research and potential breeding usage of donated semen. Their written recommendations shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for action.
    2. No breeding activity will occur for one full year after notification of the donor animal’s death or other change in status (e.g., gelding or infertility).
    3. All research proposals shall conform to accepted scientific standards and shall require matching funds from a second granting agency.
  3. The owner assigns agent status to the Institute for transfer of frozen semen and distributive rights, whether for research or for eventual breeding purposes, as documented by a signature on the foaling certificate.
  4. The owner agrees to maintain the frozen semen for an initial period of five years. If semen remains unused after the initial period, the owner and the Institute will agree in writing to take one of the following actions:
    1. Unused doses of semen will revert to the sole ownership of the owner.
    2. The owner will agree to maintain the unused doses for an additional length of time to be determined.
    3. The Institute will assume maintenance of the unused doses at the current storage location with full rights of distribution and disposition.
    4. Donations may be moved to another secure facility for maintenance and distribution by the Institute. Owner agrees to release donations if requested to do so by the Institute.
  5. Participating owners will receive a written acknowledgment of the donation for tax purposes. Individual owners should consult a tax attorney/accountant to determine the value of their donation, including but not limited to the following factors:
    1. Donor stallion’s publicly advertised stud fee;
    2. Amortized cost of  collection, testing, and freezing;
    3. Annual maintenance costs from date of donation forward.
  6. Owner will supply a copy of collection statistics for donated genetic material as frozen and/or tested.
  7. The Institute will coordinate efforts between a restricted gift third party benefactor and the stallion owner to underwrite costs associated with collection and storage fees.

If you are interested in participating, either by donating semen or donating the funds to collect and store semen, please contact . All donations are acknowledged in accordance with IRS regulations.