AEGIS Sample Donation Letter

Donors are encouraged to prepare their own letters. This is intended only as a sample to show the required information.

Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse

2410 Sam Browning Road

Lebanon, KY 40009

Dear Sir or Madam:

This letter affirms my intent to donate __ frozen breeding doses consisting of ___ straws of semen from the Arabian stallion  (name) (AHR Registration number) to the Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse. [Pertinent details about the horse including breeding history, performance record, etc.] Pertinent health records are attached (include any information on CEM exposure or diagnosis). Prior testing of semen has shown (give details and/or attach copies of specimen analysis).

This stallion has been tested for the following genetic disorders, with the results shown (please attach copies of lab reports):


Cerebellar Abiotrophy

Lavender Foal Syndrome

I understand that I am responsible for maintaining these breeding doses for a period up to 5 years, or until the Institute contacts me regarding the transfer or use of the doses for Institute purposes. At this time the doses are stored at (location, including address, contact name, and phone number).  I understand the doses may be used for research at any time, but will not be used for breeding until after the demise of the stallion.  Use is at the discretion of the Institute. Please send  acknowledgment of this donation to me at (address). I will notify the Institute upon the demise of the stallion, if I relocate, and/or if the semen is moved.

If there is any other information or documentation needed, please contact me at (phone and email).