DARE Sample donation letter

Donors are encouraged to prepare their own letters. This is intended only as a sample to show the required information.

Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse
2410 Sam Browning Road
Lebanon, KY 40009

Dear Sir or Madam:

This letter affirms my intent to donate the Arabian mare/stallion  (name) (AHR Registration number) to the Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse. [Pertinent details about the horse including breeding/foaling history, performance record, etc.] Health records are attached showing vaccination and worming schedule and record of any treatment for health issues.

The fair market value of this mare/stallion is $_____ [if more than $5000, indicate that a certified appraisal from (name of appraiser) is attached]. I understand that this horse will be used in the Institute’s DARE program and that the Institute will acknowledge this donation in accordance with IRS regulations. Please send such acknowledgment to me at (address).

If there is any other information or documentation needed, please contact me at (phone and email).