Promotional materials

The following documents (all as .pdf) can be downloaded and printed on color printers for promotional purposes. Except for two articles noted below, the material is copyrighted by the Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse and may not be altered or used except with permission.  Please consider your audience when distributing materials and select those most appropriate. The first two listed (General brochure and Modern Uses) are most appropriate for people who are new to the Desert Arabian.

General brochure describes the activities of the Institute (2 pages, please print back-to-back and fold in half; printing as separate pages doesn’t work).

Modern Uses shows Desert Arabians in a variety of disciplines.

Nomad to Performance tells about the history of the Desert Arabian and how it is endangered.

Drinkers of the Wind flyer describes this high-point award program (2 pages).

Genetic Disorders describes the current scientific knowledge on genetic disorders known to affect Arabians.

Genetic Testing gives information on what testing is available and how tests can be ordered by owners directly.

Long-Distance Trailering and Biosecurity on Horse Farms are two articles from the Kentucky Horse Council that are made available to the Institute for use with the proper credit.

The Heritage Farms brochure describes the program and is intended for prospective participants.

Drinkers of the Wind Rules is a long document to be used when promoting the program to active riders who already own Desert Arabian horses.