Starting Your Horse Under Saddle

a series of articles to help you train your own riding horse

This series of articles can help you start your own horse under saddle. The series picks up at the time when a horse is mature enough and has had enough ground work to be ready to be ridden. You know your horse’s temperament. Always work within your own comfort and safety zone – and your horse’s! Go here for a list and links to all the articles.

If you’re working with a younger or unhandled horse, see the video series “Treat Your Baby Right”.

  • On The Bit (#1)
  • Saddling Your Horse (#2)
  • Mounting the Untrained Horse (#3)
  • OK, You Are On The Horse, What Now? (#4)
  • Beginning Trot Work (#5)
  • Training the Horse to Think (#6)
  • Training the Horse to Think: Mounted Exercises (#7)
  • Beginning Canter Work (#8)

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