Blue Star/Blue List

Blue Star: In 1961 Mrs. John Ott and Miss Jane Ott began to publish the Blue Arabian Horse Catalog, with their research on the few remaining horses of Bedouin bloodlines and type in North America. These came to be called “Blue List” because the publication was issued in a 3-ring binder with a blue cover. Horses without any recorded Muniqi blood were designated with an asterisk (hence “Blue Star”). The horses in the Blue Catalog became the core foundation for Al Khamsa, Inc. Today, Blue Star horses are bred from some combination of 20 foundation horses that were imported to the US: *Al Hamdaniah, *Al Obayyah, *Amiraa, *Exochorda, *Fadl, *Furtha Dhelall, *Hadriya, *Halwaaji, *Jalam Al Ubayan, *Jamalah El Jedrani, *Mahraa, *Muhaira, *Munifan, *Munifeh, *Nasr, *Rudann, *Sawannah, *Sindidah, *Taamri, *Turfa. Breeders maintain several sub-groups with select foundation animals, making especially a distinction between the “desert-bred” group that excludes the Egyptian-source horses *Fadl, *Nasr, and *Exochorda and those that include the Egyptian horses.