Heirloom: “The Heirloom (sometimes called pre-RAS) taproot horses are the Al Khamsa Foundation Horses and their predecessors exported from Arabia Deserta before 1914 (when the Royal Agricultural Society of Cairo began its purebred breeding program) from which the Root Mares and Root Stalions of the RAS descend.”


A variant, Heirloom/Badaouia, adds Badouia (dam of Kheir, RAS Root Stallion #37) because she may meet the definition of Heirloom, pending further research on her date of birth and providence. Another variant, Heirloom/El Deree, adds the desertbred stallion El Deree because this group, originallly bred at Inshass Stud and the RAS, conserves Heirloom bloodlines in a minimal outcross that are otherwise lost in Heirloom breeding, such as Amir Fa Serr+, Aarouser, *Bint Maisa El Saghira, Ansata Sabiha, El Belbesi, Falima, Khemahr, RDM Maar Halima, Rose of Egypt, Roufah, and *Soufian.