Straight Egyptian

Straight Egyptian: Generally used to refer to horses of interest to The Pyramid Society, which must “be registered or eligible by pedigree for registration by the Arabian Horse Registry of America AND trace in every line of its pedigree to horses born in Arabia Deserta; AND trace in every line of its pedigree to a horse which falls within one or more of the following categories: (a) owned or bred by Abbas Pasha I or Ali Pasha Sherif; (b) used to create and maintain the Royal Agricultural Society (RAS)/Egyptian Agricultural Organization (EAO) breeding programs, with the exclusion of Registan and Sharkasi and their lineal descendants; (c) a horse which was a lineal ancestor of a horse described in (a) or (b) above; or (d) other than those excluded above, a horse conceived and born in a private stud program in Egypt and imported directly to the United States and registered by the Arabian Horse Registry of America prior to the extension of the EAO’s supervision to private Egyptian stud programs as reflected in Volume 4 of the EAO’s stud book.”

They include all the Heirloom foundation except Kars and Jerboa, all the Sheykh Obeyd foundation except Ferida, and add Bint Karima, Gamal El Din, *Ibn Farhan, horses gifted to the Inshass stud of King Fouad (El Deree, El Kahila, El Samraa, El Shahbaa, Nafaa, Hind, Mabrouka) and King Farouk (Badria, Besheir El Ashkar, El Nasser), and the horses used to establish the Hamdan stables (Bint Barakat, Futna, Folla/Fulla).