The Institute brings together existing organizations and conservation efforts that can benefit from the Institute’s global perspective and network of contacts throughout the Arabian horse community. It offers new opportunities for coalition-building and collaborative projects that go beyond traditional bloodline, geographical, and cultural parameters.

What has been done in the past by isolated, insular organizations and conservation efforts is necessary but not sufficient. To assure the future of the Desert Arabian horse, we need not all think alike, but we must think and act together.

Individuals and organized groups with interests consistent with the Institute’s bylaws are eligible to apply for grants to underwrite expenses of equine-activity projects that support the mission, goals, and objective on the Institute (fill-in form or download and open in Adobe Acrobat to complete). Read more about the grant program.

The Institute has worked with the following academic institutions, organizations, and informal groups in its research, education, and conservation activities:

  • Baylor University, Texas
  • Michigan State University
  • University of California, Davis
  • Virginia Cooperative Extension
  • Arabian Horse Association of Arizona
  • Arabian Horse Foundation
  • Asil Club
  • Babson Influence Group
  • Blue Catalog, Inc.
  • Heirloom Research Group
  • The Pyramid Foundation
  • Wisconsin Egyptian Arabian Horse Association