Conservation Programs – DARE/AEGIS

A key mission of the Institute is to conserve the genetic integrity of the Bedouin-bred Arabian horse. Through the DARE and AEGIS programs, the Institute engages in research and supports conservation breeding.

Desert Arabian Reproduction and Research Effort (DARE)

Donated mares and stallions are placed in test-breeding homes under multi-year lease agreements.

  • The Institute collects and analyzes data about the program horses, their health and breeding history, and the produce. It also offers sustained mentoring for participating breeders.
  • Breeders retain the resulting foals and have right of first refusal to purchase horses when they are no longer needed for the research program.

Arabian Equine Genetic Inventory System (AEGIS)

Donated frozen semen doses are accepted for use in research or test breeding.

Data on the breeding and production of stallions and mares, their health, and data on the produce are incorporated in the ongoing herd-census database developed by the Institute. It also offers sustained mentoring for participating breeders. All horses accepted into either program are tested to determine their carrier/clear status for genetic disorders. Carrier-to-carrier breeding is not permitted.

Both programs are overseen by a Steering Committee and two program management teams (one for the DARE mare/stallion donation program and another for AEGIS).

If you are interested in participating, either by donating horse or as a lessee/breeder, please contact . All donations are acknowledged in accordance with IRS regulations.

DARE program description

AEGIS program description