Clinic – Conformational Assessment

“DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?” is a clinic featuring Dr. John Shelle, Director, Horse Teaching and Research Program, Michigan State University. The Michigan State program has focused on breeding Arabian horses for more than 35 years.

Using live Arabian horses, Dr. Shelle focuses on Form-to-Function Analysis as he shows how to evaluate horses for conformation and movement.

The clinics are offered in various locales. They are sponsored by the Institute, in cooperation with local groups and organizations.

During 2010, clinics were held in Wisconsin and Virginia.

If you would like to help coordinate a clinic in your area, please contact us  .

Dr. Shelle has directed the Arabian breeding program at Michigan State University for more than 30 years. He is the leading researcher on the heritability of conformational traits in Arabian horses and has wide experience coaching youth judging teams.

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