Prior Symposia

Symposium 2009 —  TENDING THE WEB (Population Genetics)
February 14  Scottsdale, AZ

  • “Lessons from Captive Animal Conservation Breeding” — Stuart Wells

Symposium 2008 — LOOKING BACK…MOVING FORWARD (Strategic Initiative)
February 16  Scottsdale, AZ

  • Report of Breeders Survey
  • Development of Strategic Initiative based on key issues:
    • Conceptualizing “Preservation” as a Discrete Activity
    • Characterizing the Objects of Preservation – Characterizing the Herd
    • Assessing the Impact of Social, Economic and Biotechnological Factors on Preservation
    • Defining the Desired Results/Outcomes of Preservation Efforts
    • Describing Effective Preservation Strategies
    • Evaluating Success
    • Creating Capacity
    • Maintaining Economic Value
  • Strategic Initiative

Symposium 2007 — FINANCING THE DREAM
February 16-18  Phoenix, AZ

  • “Case studies in successful breeding” panel with Holly Reuter, Edie Booth, Sheila Harmon, Jennifer Parsons, Beverly Sziraky, Becky Rogers
  • “The Business Plan: Why it Works and Why it Doesn’t” — Anita Enander/Kent Mayfield
  • “You and Taxes: Practical Suggestions for the Breeder” — Paul Husband
  • “Using the Resources of AHA” — Evie Tubbs
  • “Advertising Do’s and Don’ts” — Nancy Ryan
  • “The Internet: Feel the Power” — Scott Bailey
  • “Photography: Worth a Thousand Words” — Darryl Larson
  • “The Race is to the Swift” — Hampton Johnson
  • “The Way Ahead” — Myron Krause/Robert J. Fauls


  • “AHA In-Hand Breeding Class” — Cynthia Richardson
  • “Modified European In-Hand Breeding Class” — Liz Salmon
  • “AHA Sport Horse In-Hand Class” — Patti Felker-Breiner
  • “Shagya Arabian Breeding Certification” — Adele Furby
  • “Estimated Breeding Value Model” — Dr. John Shelle

The live demonstrations of various evaluation systems were captured in video and made available as a 4-disk set. A few sets are still available from the Institute office for $50.

Symposium 2005 — SYMPOSIUM ON PRESERVATION (Planning Session)
February 18-20   Phoenix, AZ

  • “The Soul of Preservation” — Joe Ferriss
  • “Rita Mae, Peggy Lee and the Hole in My Bucket” — Kent Mayfield
  • “Looking Outside the Preservation Tent: Examining the health of the entire Arabian horse breed” — Bruce Johnson (read a related article)
  • “Genetics and the Horse in Front of You” — Anita Enander
  • “Preserving the Essence of the Arabian Horse” — Bazy Tankersley
  • “The Desert Tradition” — Edouard Aldahdah (read a related article)