Symposium 2010 —
Genetic Disorders: From Knowledge to Action

Presenters: Dr. Cecilia Torres-Penedo, Univerisity of California, Davis, spoke about the current state of research and the marker-based test available for Cerebellar Abiotrophy. Beth Minnich, Chair of the AHA Sub-committee on Genetic Disorders, spoke about the resolutions passed at the 2009 AHA National Convention that add CA and LFS as disclosable disorders. Paul Husband, attorney, presented a detailed paper on the legal and ethical issues that confront breeders and buyers as testing for genetic disorders becomes increasingly available.

Because of the importance of genetic disorders, the Institute maintains the following list of reference materials. Some were made available at the 2010 Symposium; others have been added subsequently. Check back here for updates.

Short paper with the basics on genetic disorders and testing.

A compendium of where to order tests and report results for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID), Cerebellar Abiotrophy (CA), and Lavender Foal Syndrome (LFS) is available here.

Paper on the legal and ethical issues of breeding horses that may be affected or carry the genetic mutation for genetic disorders, by Paul Husband.  Includes information on the AHA resolutions passed at the 2009 National Convention.

Here is the material provided at the 2009 AHA National Convention. Check the AHA website for additional resources.