On-Line Library

This on-line library includes major articles of interest to historians, breeders, and enthusiasts. Copyright is retained by The Institute and/or author. Direct links to this page or to any of these articles are permitted, but we ask that you notify us of such linkages at . All other rights are retained by the Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse.

A Horse of Legend and Lore, by Debra K. Schrishuhn

The Desert Arabian in its Homeland Today, part I and part II, by Edouard Al Dahdah

Outside the Tent: The Desert Arabian in North America, by Bruce M. Johnson

A Primer on Speaking Davenport, by Anita K. Enander

Egyptian Bloodlines Explained, by Anita K. Enander

Treat Your Baby Right, video series by Susan Mayo

Starting Your Horse Under Saddle, series by Susan Mayo


The Institute is developing a book, photo, and video archive. As resources become available, select photos will be uploaded for public use. To contribute to this archive, please .