Drinkers of the Wind – 2011

Performance Award 2011

OT Sara Moniet RSI

The Institute for the Desert Arabian horse is proud to announce the 2011 Drinkers of the Wind winners which rewards eligible horses that compete in all forms of equine performance, from Endurance to Dressage and Eventing to Reining and includes all of the Arabian rail classes such as Western, English, Hunter, Country English, Trail, Costume and Cutting as well as Working Cow Horse. Again this year, horses of many bloodlines are represented, with a variety of breeding programs proving their athletic abilities. The competition is open to horses that are marked on DataSource as meeting the pedigree definition of Straight Egyptian and/or Al Khamsa.

A perpetual trophy, from the estate of Walter Schimanski, records the winning horse. A cash award, provided by Hansi Heck-Melnyk, is given to the rider.

OT Sara Moniet and Crockett Dumas in Death Valley. Photo by Steve Bradley

Class A/Open Show Division

The 2011 Champion is OT Sara Moniet RSI. She completed 31 AERC-sanctioned rides for 1675 miles, including two 100-milers – the Tevis Cup and the AERC National Championship, where she was 4th. She placed first in nine rides, and she received seven Best Condition awards (five of them when she finished first). OT Sara Moniet (Rave on Ravenwood x OT Dysara RSI) was bred, trained, and ridden by Crockett Dumas of Escalante, Utah. She represents Crockett’s exclusive use of Pritzlaff breeding within Sheykh Obeyed Foundation bloodlines. She was also the 2010 winner.


DB Marah with Jade Gray

Reserve Champion is DB Marah (Desert Dhelall x Desert Fainette), owned by Jade Gray and showing in Hunter, Equitation, and Dressage. DB Marah is 2000 mare of Saudi Desert bloodlines, bred by Roger and Marie Davis, and is carrying on her wonderful Desert heritage in the modern show ring.

This is the first time that the Champion and Reserve have both been mares.

The rest of the Top Ten in the Open Division are (alphabetical order):

Alara Ben Raad, 2004 stallion (Inshalla Imhotep x Shebas Moriah LHF), an Egyptian Heirloom Arabian owned by Pamela Small. Alara Ben Rad is showing successfully in Eventing; he was this year’s American Eventing Conference third place National winner, Novice horse, showing barefoot against horses hands taller than he is. Raad was the only Arabian among hundreds of horses at this National competition.

Alara Ben Raad at the American Endurance Championships

Aroze to Nobility, 2005 mare (Aspecial Ali x Noble Kamara), a Pyramid Society Straight Egyptian, bred by Autumn Gemberling and now showing successfully in Dressage for owner Angela White.

Avalon Yasminah Asiil, 2006 mare (BWA Ibn Faydin x Mahrus Mist Asiil), of Sheykh Obeyd Foundation and Pyramid Society Straight Egyptian lines, owned, trained, and shown by Mary Fields; bred by Jennifer Ligon. Yas is competing in Endurance.

Bint Maslaha, 2004 mare (Masada El Rabdan x AK Maslaha), a Pyramid Society Straight Egyptian owned and shown by Keith Kosel of Texas. They compete successfully in Dressage.

Nile Roze, 2001 mare (Ansata Nile Bay x LM Bint Fakher), a Pyramid Society Straight Egyptian. Bred by Ann Dorsett, she is owned by Angela White of Pennsylvania.  Nile Roze has wins in Dressage, Show Hack, and Native Costume.

For the first time, a mother-daughter pair made top 10: OT Dytu RSI (Drkumo RSI x Dytatu RSI) and OT Byraa Bataa RSI (Rave on Ravenwood x OT Dytu RSI) were bred, trained, and ridden to their Endurance successes by Crockett Dumas. Like this year’s champion, these mares represent Dumas’ continuation of Pritzlaff breeding within the Sheykh Obeyd Foundation tradition. OT Dytu RSI was also the 2009 reserve champion in Drinkers of the Wind competition.

Serr Sotaam, 1998 Straight Babson Egyptian stallion (Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/ x Almoraima Alegria), showing in Dressage with many Region 9 wins to his credit for his owner Elaine Yearty. He was bred by Elizabeth Al-Hazzam Dawsari.


Local, Community, and Youth Division

Aelfleah Hadhafang and Cheyenne

Champion is Aelfleah Hadhafang (Gwaihir TOS x Anduril TOS), a 2004 Blue Star Mare who has been successfully showing in Eventing with her Junior Rider. This game little mare competes in a category usually reserved for big tall horses and she is doing it beautifully. Bred by Tamara Woodcock and Rebecca Huffman, she is now owned by Woodcock.

TreffHaven Alizeer with Chris Bode in Native Costume

Reserve Champion is TreffHaven Alizeer (TreffHavenExplorer x Aliama) bred by Homer Penniman. “Ali,” as he is known to his friends, is trained and shown by his amateur owner Chris Bode of Plano, Texas.

The remaining top ten (in alphabetical order):

Fad Maahrus (Fadaan x Flaxen Ru Mar) is a Combined Source gelding owned by Jordan Shaw of Battle Ground, Washington. “Moosie” is carrying Jordan in Pony Club shows and events and is winning for her in Dressage and Jumping. The gelding was bred by Darlene Thomas.

Malika ofthe Nile (Inshalla Imhotep x Queen ofthe Nile) is a Straight Egyptian and Sheykh Obeyd Foundation mare who has carried a number of beginner riders in many different Open Competitions, with wins in Trail, Ranch Horse, and Pleasure.  Malika ofthe Nile, bred by the late John and Elizabeth Fippen, is shown by Gail Sandage.

Masada Susar (Fa Asar x Masada Fa Khedena), a 2002 Straight Egyptian and Sheykh Obeyd Foundation mare, is carrying her owner Elizabeth Powell in both Dressage and Open Shows. “Sada” shows in English, Pattern, and Trail as well as Dressage and is also the best friend and companion of Elizabeth. “Sada” was bred by the late Walter Schimanski.

Susar Jasaada (Masada El Rabdan x BDF Jamala Basara) is a 1990 Combined Source mare who, after a career as a Regional Dressage Champion, is now carrying students in their first shows. “Sadie” wins in English, Equitation, and Pairs with her friend Linda Snelling on board.

Susar Khamasada (Susar El Khamor x Masada Fa Khedena), a 2005 Straight Egyptian and Sheykh Obeyd Foundation gelding owned by Susan Mayo and Cyann Looney, was shown in English Pleasure and Equitation, Trail, Pattern Ride and Jumping by both his owner Cyann Looney and by Andrea Spillman.

Susar Monsada (Masada El Rabdan x J Jodena) is a 1993 Straight Egyptian mare bred by Susan Mayo and Cyann Looney and shown by multiple student riders; she had Open Show wins in English Pleasure, Equitation, Trail, Pattern Ride, and Jumping.

Susar Sabada (Mah Sabbah Bedu x Susar Jasaada) is a 2005 Combined Source Gelding who is showing successfully in Open shows in English and Pattern for his owner Elizabeth Powell.

Susar Zarie (Mah Sabbah Bedu x Susar Jasaada) is a 2008 gelding who has just started his show career in Open Shows and has won in English and Pairs showing with his dam.

We welcome everyone to enter if they are competing on a horse that is eligible by pedigree as Straight Egyptian and/or Al Khamsa. It is free, the awards are lovely, and the recognition it allows our Desert Arabian horses is priceless.

To sign up for 2012, contact Susan Mayo at 5493 Edwards Rd., Denton, Texas 76208, susarinc1@verizon.net, or 940-566-0630. Complete program description and the registration form can be found at the Institute’s website http://desertarabian.org/what/performance-recognition/drinkers-program-description/. Click on “Enrollment Form”, fill it out and send it either by email or snail mail to Susan, then report your show successes during the year.