Performance Recognition

Drinkers of the Wind

While the days of the ghazu – the Bedouin raid – are over, Desert Arabians are used all over the world by owners who treasure their intelligence, tractability, hardiness, endurance, and affinity for humans. Ask anyone who owns one of these horses, and they will tell you the Desert Arabian is like no other equine.

The Desert Arabian has adapted from desert war mare to companion and proven its reliability in a wide variety of disciplines.

Drinkers of the Wind is an annual performance award program that recognizes horses that perform at the top levels of competition. A separate division celebrates those who take their horses into the public arena of local shows, 4-H and youth activities, and unique competitions. The program is free. The current winners are found here, and prior year awards are here.

We’re pleased to present “Partners in Performance” – personal stories from previous competitors.  for information on how to submit your own story.

Training Your Own Horse — Susan Mayo, who has trained, taught, and shown Desert Arabians for more than 35 years, has written a series of articles for those who want to train their own horses. The series is found here. She is also working with a young horse, documenting his progress in a series of videos.