Drinkers of the Wind – 2010


OT Sara Moniet

Congratulations to OT Sara Moniet, the 2010 winner with five, first-place finishes (including the Scottsdale Dynamite Dash of 100 miles) and six other top tens in AERC competition. She was bred, trained, and ridden by Crockett Dumas.

Reserve is Shy Gayfeen++++//, who was also our 2007 Champion. He is owned and ridden by Cori Wilson in Hunter Pleasure.

The remaining top ten are:

Alara Ben Raad – stallion – eventing and jumping; Pamela Small, owner and rider  (Heirloom)

Aroze to Nobility – gelding – dressage and sport horse under saddle; Angela White, owner and rider (Straight Egyptian)

Elbereth TOS – mare – endurance and competitive mounted shooting; Becky Burkhart, owner and rider (Blue Star)

Gwaihir TOS – stallion – endurance; Becky Burkhart, owner and rider (Blue Star)

Kabiir Khayaal – stallion – dressage; Elaine Yerty, owner and rider (straight Egyptian)

OT Dytu RSI – mare – endurance; Crockett Dumas, owner and rider  (Egyptian/Pritzlaff )

Serr Sotamm+ – stallion – dressage; Elaine Yerty, owner  (straight Babson Egyptian)

Susar J’EL Rabdan – gelding – dressage; Keith Kosel, owner and rider (Al Khamsa/Combined Source)

Local and Schooling High Point Achievers

Champion is the Blue Star mare Aelfleah Hadhafang. Owned by Tamara Woodcock, the mare is ridden in jumper/hunt seat by Sheyenne Boone.

Reserve Champion is TreffHavenAlizeer. The straight Egyptian gelding is ridden in Western and trail pattern by Chris Bode, who also does all his training.

Remaining top ten:

Anduril TOS – mare – jumper, barrels; Tamara Woodcock, owner , Sheyenne Boone, rider (Blue Star )

Bint Maslaha – mare – dressage; Keith Kosel, owner and rider (straight Egyptian)

Fad Maahrus – gelding – dressage; Lisa Shaw, owner and rider (Babson-*Turfa)

Susar Jasaada – mare – dressage; Susan Mayo, owner, Linda Snelling, rider  (Al Khamsa/Combined Source)

Susar Khamasada – gelding – dressage English; Cyann Looney, owner  Kaitlyn Whitmen, rider (straight Egyptian/Sheykh Obeyd)

Susar Monsada mare – English, hunter over fences; Cyann Looney, owner, Kaitlyn Whitmen, rider  (straight Egyptian)

Susar Sabada – gelding – multiple disciplines; Elizabeth Powell, owner and rider  (Al Khamsa/Combined Source)

Treff-Haven IbnNaheed – gelding – multiple disciplines; Jan Cooper, owner and rider  (straight Egyptian)

Congratulations to the horses, and to the breeders, owners, and riders who show the talents of the Desert Arabian horse to the public.