Drinkers of the Wind – 2012


OT Sara Moniet RSI

Crockett and Sara climbing Cougar Rock at the 2012 Tevis Cup.

Crockett and Sara climbing Cougar Rock at the 2012 Tevis Cup.

The Institute for the Desert Arabian horse is proud to announce that OT Sara Moniet RSI has won the Drinkers of the Wind award for the third consecutive year. This program rewards eligible horses that compete in all forms of equine performance, from Endurance to Dressage and Eventing to Reining and includes all of the Arabian rail classes such as Western, English, Hunter, Country English, Trail, Costume and Cutting as well as Working Cow Horse. Again this year, horses of many bloodlines are represented, with a variety of breeding programs proving their athletic abilities. The competition is open to horses that are marked on DataSource as meeting the pedigree definition of Straight Egyptian and/or Al Khamsa.

A perpetual trophy, from the estate of Walter Schimanski, records the winning horse. A cash award, provided by Hansi Heck-Melnyk, is given to the rider.

Class A/Open Show Division

The 2012 Champion, OT Sara Moniet RSI,  completed 19 AERC-sanctioned rides for 965 miles. She completed 50-mile rides on 5 consecutive days at the Grand Canyon Pioneer XP, finishing first (twice), second, third, and fourth. OT Sara Moniet (Rave on Ravenwood x OT Dysara RSI) was bred, trained, and ridden by Crockett Dumas of Escalante, Utah. She represents Crockett’s exclusive use of Pritzlaff breeding within Sheykh Obeyed Foundation bloodlines. This is her third consecutive win.

Kahlidah Kamar Roo and Brittany Bartlett.

Kahlidah Kamar Roo and Brittany Bartlett.

Reserve  champion is Kahlidah Kamar Roo, (Serr Sotamm x Moulin Rouge Rou) is a 2007 mare owned by Brittany Bartlett and shown in Dressage and Sport Horse. This straight Babson Egyptian mare comes from a long line of excellent dressage horses being the granddaughter of Ibn Sabbah Bedu+//, a multi national winner in Dressage and a regional winner in jumping.



Other Top Ten in the Open Division are (alphabetical order):

"Nuke" and Marie warm up

“Nuke” and Marie warm up

Galaxy Anuket WZ (Galaxy 1 x Treff Haven Nageed) is a Straight Egyptian stallion. Nuke is owned and shown by Marie Sobisk in endurance.

Kabiir Khayaal (Ibn Layalia  Bint Khabira) is owned by Elaine and Art Yerty. This athletic gelding who has been winning both Class A and Regionally in Sport Horse Show Hack and in First Level Dressage.

Alara Ben Raad in national 3-day competition.

Alara Ben Raad (Inshalla Imhotep x Shebas Moriah LHF). Ben is successfully competing in three-day eventing against Warmbloods and Thoroughbreds and is winning! His owners Pamela Small and Debra Schrischrun are very proud of him

Serr Kazmeen (Ahmed Fabo x Almoraima Alegria) is a straight Babson Egyptian stallion.  He is showing in Dressage and is owned by Carolyn Jacobsen and Frank and Linda Bochansky.

Emmanuel Battyr (MB Battyr x Wogue Byz) is a Straight Egyptian gelding owned by Terry Wyatt. Battyr is campaigned in endurance.

Aelfleah Hadhafang and Cheyenne

Aelfleah Hadhafang and Cheyenne

Aelfleah Hadhafang (Gwaihir TOS x Anduril TOS) is a Blue Star mare owned by Tamara Woodcock and shown by her niece Sheyenne in Jumping. Aelfleah Hadhafang is a game little mare who is making a mark for our Asils  in competition that is usually reserved for much larger horses.

Local, Community, and Youth Division
TreffHaven Alizeer with Chris Bode in Native Costume

TreffHaven Alizeer with Chris Bode in Native Costume

Our Champion is the gelding TreffHaven Alizeer (Treff Haven Explorer x Aliama).  Ali is owned and loved by Chris Bode who is showing him in Open competitions against all breeds both English and Western. Ali does especially well in trail classes where the bond between he and Chris becomes evident with his willingness to tackle any obstacle no matter how scary it is.




Andrea and "Khazzy" prepare for an open show.

Andrea and “Khazzy” prepare for an open show.

Reserve Open Champion is Susar Khamasada (Susar El Khamor x Masada Fa Khedena), a 2004 Sheykh Obeyd gelding. Khazzie is shown by his owner Cyann Looney in beginner level classes and by Andrea Spillman in high level competitions and he is excelling in both with a protective temperament for Cyann and a winning spirit for Andrea. Our Reserve Open Champion is Susar Khamasada, a 2004 Sheykh Obeyd gelding by Susar El Khamor and out of Masada Fa Khedena.



Avalon Anabus and his young rider.

Avalon Anabus and his young rider.


Avalon Daaim Zaakhir (Sean Daaim CH x FA Nile Star) and Avalon Anabus (BW Faydin x Elizaberth Alia) are 2005 Sheykh Obeyd geldings owned by Jennifer Ligon. These two young fellows are making their mark in a way that is most impressive in that they are carrying two very young (5 year old) riders in their first shows. While this may not seem as impressive as jumping tall fences, it is perhaps this kind of activity that is most important to the future of our breed and to recruiting young folks into the fold.

Treff-Haven IbnNaheed (Treff-Haven Emir x Naheed),  a 2000 gelding is owned, trained and shown by Jan Cooper of Richardson, Texas. He is winning in both English and Western against horses of all breeds.

Anduril TOS (Qadifan x AAS Shahin Shahil) is a Blue Star mare owned by Tamara Woodcock. She is showing in beginner eventing carrying young riders.

Masada Susar (Fa Asar x Masada Fa Khedena) is a 2001 Sheyky Obeyd mare  owned and adored by Elizabeth Powell who trains and shows her in both dressage and in English and Trail classes.



Susar Monsada (Masada El Rabdan x J Jodena), a straight Egyptian mare, is a retired regional dressage and sport horse champion who is now teaching young riders the art of showing.  She has carried three beginner riders in 2012 and all have been successful under her patient guidance.

Susar Jasaada (Masada El Rabdan x BDF Jamala Basara), is a Combined Source mare who is also a retired dressage and sport horse regional champion is also carrying beginner riders in their early showing endeavors. Sadie gives her beginners the confidence to tackle the show ring and has successfully carried them to numerous wins.

Susar Zarie (Mah Sabbah Bedu x Susar Jasaada) is a young gelding just starting his show career.

We welcome everyone to enter if they are competing on a horse that is eligible by pedigree as Straight Egyptian and/or Al Khamsa. It is free, the awards are lovely, and the recognition it allows our Desert Arabian horses is priceless.

To sign up for 2012, contact Susan Mayo at 5493 Edwards Rd., Denton, Texas 76208, susarinc1@verizon.net, or 940-566-0630. Complete program description and the registration form can be found at the Institute’s website http://desertarabian.org/what/performance-recognition/drinkers-program-description/. Click on “Enrollment Form”, fill it out and send it either by email or snail mail to Susan, then report your show successes during the year.