Who We Are

The Institute was formed by long-time advocates of the Desert Arabian horse who recognized that the plight of the Desert Arabian horse was reaching points of crisis all over the world. Although more breed associations and conservation efforts exist than ever before, most work on specific populations, constrained by geographical or chronological parameters, with minimal mutual contact or cooperation. Breeders have smaller herds than in years past, and there is a dearth of educational information for new people.

Historical information and expertise of past breeding programs is being lost. Advances in genetic science have not been applied to conservation of the Desert Arabian horse.

All these argued for a non-profit organization that could work across all disciplines and heritage traditions to help conserve the Desert Arabian in the 21st Century. The Institute offers a global perspective and network of contacts in the Arabian horse community, as well as its ability conduct research and to preserve archival and cultural material and to encourage collective action. It offers the conservation community unique opportunities for coalition-building and collaborative projects that go beyond current bloodline, geographical, and cultural parameters.  We do not need to think alike, but we must think and act together.

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