The Institute is governed by a Board of Directors and four Officers, all of whom serve without compensation and pay all personal expenses related to Institute business. An independent Advisory Board offers program and operational advice to the governing board, based on their individual area of expertise. All advisors similarly serve as volunteers without compensation.

Meet the Board of Directors here. Contact us at the addresses below.


Anita K. Enander, Chair

Bruce M. Johnson, Vice Chair

Debra Kay Schrishuhn, Secretary

Jon Michael, Treasurer


Elizabeth Dawsari

Crockett Dumas

Susan Mayo

Mark Rustebakke


Edie Booth (Blue Star heritage)
Michael Bowling (Blunt and Davenport heritage; genetics)
Whit Byers (stallion management)
Bev Davison (Blunt heritage)
Lesley Detweiler (breeding)
Jean Diaz (electronic media)
Jack Ford (publicity)
Traci Fuller (combined source heritage)
Sheila Harmon (Pritzlaff heritage)
Randall Harris (combined source heritage)
Hansi Heck-Melnyk (historical research)
Carolyn Jacobson (Babson heritage)
Kimberli Nelson (Sheykh Obeyd heritage)
Holly Reuter (publicity)
D. Phillip Sponenberg DVM  PhD (genetics)
Jannelle Wilde (media)

Want to know more about the management of the Institute? Check our Bylaws, Ethics Statement, Financial Policies, and Investment Policy.