Debra Kay Schrishuhn

Debra bought her first Arabian, the Babson-influenced Heirloom/El Deree stallion Ibntep of Rose (AK Waseem Montaal x Rose of Masada)  from the Fippens. From 1994-2000 she worked with the Fippen family to produce Heirloom Egyptian Arabian Horses, 1840-2000. Since 2004 she has been a board member of the Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse. She served as editor, author, and the driving force behind publication of the Institute’s first monograph, The Babson Influence: A Retrospective (2008).

Debra maintains databases of owners with horses that fit into the Heirloom and the Heirloom/El Deree breeding groups, and periodically publishes directories for both.

With friends and business partners Dr. Pamela Small (Alara Arabians Cooperative) and Cat Tice (Windhaven Farm), she hopes to make a small but lasting contribution to future generations of Desert Arabian horses.