Mission Statement

The Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse* is dedicated to protecting and conserving the cultural legacy and genetic integrity of the Bedouin-bred Arabian horse through historical and scientific research, education, standard performance evaluations, international collaboration and conservation projects.

Research may be undertaken to reveal lapses in historic data; to identify materials, documents, photographs and artifacts worthy of conservation; to identify threatened and endangered genetic lines; to evaluate the continued use of the desert Arabian horse to improve other light breeds of horse; and to investigate, verify and expand, through modern scientific means, the quantity and the veracity of traditional historic data.

The Institute intends to develop an Archives Library for the conservation of materials, photographs, documents, artifacts and genetic material conducive to its purposes.

Education will be a primary function of the Institute and will be focused to enlighten the general public, as well as the horse community, regarding the historic and contemporary value of the desert Arabian horse. Toward that end, the Institute may develop an International Herd Book (Census/Roster) of eligible Arabian horses. Educational materials and publications will be designed to educate and inform all segments of the community, and the Institute intends to maintain a physical presence at major horse events internationally to meet its education mission.

The Institute will develop and support standards of excellence in conformation and performance and will provide interested parties and breeders a forum through which they can have their horses fairly and consistently evaluated by a panel of experts. In addition, the Institute intends to initiate and support performance events that demonstrate the desert Arabian horse’s unique strengths in endurance and versatility to the public at large.

The Institute will collaborate with historians, researchers, educators, and breeders in North America and internationally who share common interest in the legacy and future of the desert Arabian horse.

  • *The Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse is incorporated as a not-for profit corporation in the State of Delaware. The Institute is an approved IRS 501(c)(3) public charity.